Could your Kaiser doctor be a convicted perjurer?

From the San Francisco Chronicle:

Doctor admits to perjury in trial of man he sponsored in drug rehab

Heather Knight, Chronicle Staff Writer

A San Francisco surgeon has pleaded guilty to perjury, admitting he lied under oath in an effort to get a man he had sponsored in a drug rehabilitation program off the hook [...]

Texas’ legal action against Kaiser now online

It’s our guess that most Kaiser Permanente members aren’t aware that Kaiser was run out of Texas like a stray dog with its tail between its legs, but that is about to change, thanks to Vickie Travis and The Kaiser Papers:

In 1997 the State of Texas, Division of Insurance took formal action against Kaiser [...]

Kaiser covers up for another negligent doctor, whistleblowers retaliated against — AGAIN

[The only thing more reprehensible than Kaiser's failure to protect its patients from this known repeat malpractice offender, is its PRBS release defending its despicable actions. Kaiser Thrive Exposed joins Justen Deal in his demand for the resignation of The Permanente Medical Group CEO, and lead obfuscater, Dr. Robert Pearl. In the meantime, Kaiser CEO [...]

An open letter to George Halvorson

[...] After six years of investigating and documenting the heinous medical crime committed against her by a Kaiser surgeon ? and related Medicare fraud ? Kaiser victim Jupirena Stein is challenging George Halvorson to put his money where his mouth is. For the last few months George has been squawking to anyone who will listen about fake health care reform, but the one question he pointedly refuses to answer is the one most relevant to Kaiser members and its victims, past and future: How dare you hold yourself up as an expert in health health care reform when you can?t even reform your own murdering organization? Please George, tell us, we would really like to know. [...] [...]

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$903k awarded to widow of government official killed by Kaiser


$903,000 awarded to councilman’s widow


SAN DIEGO — The late San Diego Councilman Charles Lewis was never told by his longtime Kaiser physician Willie Thigpen that he had a serious liver disease and that drinking alcohol would hasten his death, an arbitration judge has ruled.

The judge, [...]

Kaiser NW ordered to pay $4.5 million for misdiagnosed brain tumor

[ editor's note: This is far from an isolated incident. We hear from people on a regular basis who have been referred to Kaiser Behavioral Health because their doctor can't figure out what is wrong with them. It is ingrained in the Kaiser culture to blame the patient rather than question the competence of the [...]

Kaiser to defend negligent doctor — medical board wants to yank license

[ editor's note: Kaiser often defends repeat malpractice offenders -- such as Dr. Death Jayant Patel -- for years, resulting in many unnecessary patient deaths. Unlike medical care, where every penny is pinched, Kaiser spares no expense defending its negligence. The running joke is that Kaiser will spend $1,000,000 to defend a $1,000 claim, and to say that Kaiser lawyers play dirty to win is unfortunately a gross understatement. Never forget who is footing the bill: that's right, YOU.] The state medical board is seeking to revoke or suspend a local physician’s license after her patient was not admitted to the hospital promptly and developed blood poisoning. The state attorney general, on behalf of the medical board, says Dr. Degrasia Anne Howard committed multiple acts of gross negligence, in a report filed June 15. [...] [...]

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George Halvorson: “We really did screw up”

[...] It should be noted that although Halvorson admitted that Kaiser screwed up, they have behaved just as despicably in the handling of the investigation and lawsuits as they always do. The fact that the only people who were fired from the program were those who tried to advocate for the patients, reveals the huge discrepancy between what Kaiser says and what they do. [...] [...]

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Kaiser doctors forgot to read x-ray, patient dies

Kaiser Doctors Forgot to Read X-Ray, Delayed Treatment For 18 Months Leading to Patient Death

PRINCE GEORGE’S COUNTY, Md. — A New Carrollton woman is suing a Kaiser health plan and its doctors saying they first neglected to read her husband’s chest x-rays for eight months and then delayed needed treatment for nearly a year, [...]

Kaiser kidney program whistleblower settles retaliation lawsuit

From San Francisco Business Times:

Kaiser whistleblower settles lawsuit over abrupt firing ? Merlin asked Kaiser for $5 million in damages

by Chris Rauber

David Merlin, the former administrative director of Kaiser Permanente?s troubled Northern California kidney transplant unit, has settled his wrongful termination lawsuit against Kaiser following a Dec. 18 arbitration hearing.

Merlin lost [...]