Kaiser cited for multiple violations of mental health care laws

Kaiser Permanente has been cited by the California Department of Managed Healthcare for multiple mental health care violations, including keeping two sets of records to hide lengthy appointment wait times from investigators. Definitely worth reading the entire article because it shows the deliberation with which Kaiser skimps on your care and then lies to cover [...]

Catch Up Post — Part 6

We’ll call this one the “George Halvorson, first reform your own organization” Edition.

An Elite Notary explains why it is so difficult to obtain legal representation in California in medical malpractice cases. Hint: it’s all about MICRA and mandatory binding arbitration, and claims against Kaiser have decreased 20% as a result. Just the legal filings, [...]

Kaiser ordered to stop denying therapies for non-physical conditions

At the end of February, the California Department of Managed Health Care (DMHC) issued a cease and desist order against Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, for denying physical, occupational and speech therapy to members with “non-physical conditions.” This action was in response to more than 100 complaints that were received by the department since 2009.


Catch Up Post — Part 5

And the fraud just keeps on coming, albeit somewhat delayed on our part.

Dr. Hamid Safari, the Kaiser Fresno perinatologist who was accused of unsafe practices and causing the deaths of two babies, was cleared by the Medical Board of California and tried to get his job back. Of course the MBC practically requires a [...]

Catch Up Post — Part 2

Part 2 of the Kaiser Permanente stories we missed during our hiatus from posting:

After an initial refusal by Kaiser, California Department of Managed Health Care officials finally obtained the documents needed to complete investigation of a complaint that call center scripts sometimes lead to misdiagnoses and delayed care. Two Bay Area residents filed a [...]

Catch Up Post — Part 1

So many Kaiser stories have crossed our desk during the time we were not posting regularly that it would be impossible to put them all in one entry. The following is Part 1 of our attempt to catch up (we’ll add these to the Horror Stories pages later). Some of them were widely reported at [...]

KP Southern California colorectal surgery nightmare

The following Kaiser Permanente horror story arrived in our inbox a few days ago. This unfortunate patient has been put through hell for over a year without so much as an apology, and — you guessed it — as usual the medical records do not reflect the truth of what occurred. Meanwhile, in our area [...]

Another case of missing records and unnecessary death at Kaiser Permanente

Received from a loving husband who lost his wife at the hands of Kaiser, only to be put through the full “Kaiser Treatment,” consisting of stonewalling, mutilated medical records and attempts to discredit him. Unfortunately he isn’t the first.

By Richard May

The Mays in happier times

This is going to be a very [...]

NLRB judge finds Kaiser guilty of threatening union voters with loss of raises and benefits

This isn’t the first time Kaiser Permanente has interfered with a union vote, which is why its Labor-Management Partnership is such a huge farce. We have been receiving complaints from Kaiser employees for years about the leaders of the SEIU working against labor for the benefit of management and their own wallets. Of course it [...]

Kaiser sued for denying legally mandated health care to 57,000

Dr. Richard Della Penna M.D., a former Kaiser physician and one of America’s leading medical experts in Elder Care and the treatment of Special Needs Patients· (“SNP’s) will file a lawsuit against Kaiser Permanente including The Permanente Federation, LLC, Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc., and Kaiser Foundation hospitals as a result of Kaiser’s calculated plan to deny legally mandated proper treatment to approximately 57,000 seriously disabled and chronically ill patients in California, Colorado and Georgia because it just didn’t want to spend the money. [...] [...]

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