Catch Up Post — Getting Rich on your Back Edition

Below are ten more Kaiser Permanente scandals from the time period when we were not regularly updating this website. Most of this information comes to us in Google News and Blog Alerts, but recently the Big G has taken it upon itself to carry water for Kaiser, and has blocked most critical websites from the [...]

Catch Up Post — Part 3

So many scandals, so little time. Enjoy Part 3 of our belated Kaiser Permanente News Roundup.

Kaiser involved in Pay-to-Play scheme intended to provide lobbyists with off-the-record access to Obama administration officials, members of Congress, and the Washington Post’s reporters and editors. So what else is new? The Colorado Division of Insurance fined Kaiser $367,000 [...]

Catch Up Post — Part 2

Part 2 of the Kaiser Permanente stories we missed during our hiatus from posting:

After an initial refusal by Kaiser, California Department of Managed Health Care officials finally obtained the documents needed to complete investigation of a complaint that call center scripts sometimes lead to misdiagnoses and delayed care. Two Bay Area residents filed a [...]

Arrest warrants issued for Dr. Death Jayant Patel


It should be noted that Kaiser Permanente vigorously defended Dr. Death Jayant Patel in malpractice cases that were filed against him during his tenure at Kaiser. They only took action after several people had been harmed and revictimized by Kaiser lawyers in the rigged Kaiser arbitration process. Several recommendations were also made by [...]

Dr. Death Jayant Patel on the Run

Dr Death on the run in the US

March 10, 2006 – 6:04AM, from the AAP via The Sydney Morning Herald:

Dr Jayant Patel, the rogue surgeon linked to 13 patient deaths at a Queensland hospital, is on the run again – this time from a $2 million lawsuit in the United States over the [...]

Patel’s disturbing record at Kaiser

Sunday, November 06, 2005, from The Oregonian:


Dr. Jayant M. Patel was a surgical star. Just three years after he was hired by Kaiser Permanente Northwest in 1989, the HMO gave him the job of training its young surgeons.

Patel gravitated to the toughest cases, confidently rebuilding colons and removing [...]

Former colleagues at Kaiser Permanente gave surgeon branded “Dr. Death” glowing references

From Associated Press:

An Indian-trained surgeon linked to the deaths of at least 87 patients in Australia over two years had been given glowing references by six former colleagues in the United States, despite having been cited for negligence there earlier, according to copies of the references obtained by The Associated Press.

Jayant “Jay” Patel, [...]