New Kaiser Permanente Thieves ad parody

Enjoy this parody of one of Kaiser’s new animated Flash Thrive ads that has been appearing in Yahoo mailboxes everywhere:

Refresh the page to replay the animation.

If you can’t play the Flash animation, try the YouTube version:

An animated gif version can be found here: larger filesmaller file

Please feel free to copy, share, and email the parodies.


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8 comments to New Kaiser Permanente Thieves ad parody

  • anonymous

    That’s great. I’d love to see a cartoon of a bunch of really sick people in a hospital all being treated with broccoli!

  • anonymous

    Green broccoli in the IVs? :-)

  • Admin

    Much fun has been made of Kaiser’s ‘broccoli as health care’ meme. I haven’t seen too many of those broccoli ads lately, but as Kaiser’s version of this ad attests, they are still hellbent on excluding anyone from “health care” that actually needs it.

  • anonymous

    I just saw a Yahoo ad today that advertises Kaiser’s “$1500 deductible plan.” How perfect for them… this TOTALLY leaves out anyone with ANY kind of a chronic illness. And since we know that they turn down applicants with even a slight, stable condition, this only leaves perfectly healthy people who pay their monthly premiums and never, ever use their insurance. (In a perfect world, maybe!!). And then what happens if suddenly you get an unexpected major condition? They take away your insurance on your next review date? Everyone, no matter how healthy, ends up getting sick somehow, sometime. It’s called aging and it’s called modern life, and sorry Kaiser, but everyone does it. There’s a classic sci fi film called Logan’s Run where everyone is killed off as soon as they reach the age of 30. A glimpse of the future…?

  • CoCo

    It’s all a scam. There is no “health” insurance at Kaiser because you are paying to be ignored and mistreated. Don’t buy the lie. This is the biggest scam I think i’ve ever seen. The advertsing… if this isn’t false advertising I don’t know what is.

    I can eat broccoli without having to pay someone to tell me to eat broccoli.
    How ridiculous.

  • anonymous

    Michael Moore was on Oprah today talking about his new documentary about the health care system in the US. I don’t know if he mentions Kaiser specifically in the film, but it sure applies to Kaiser. It is time to get rid of managed health care and medical insurance altogether, and his film may help make the public realize that it is in their best interests to elect politicians who are willing to go to a single payer, like the excellent health care members of Congress have. Why should anyone be getting rich, much less corporations, on the illnesses and injuries of others? There should be no profits in health care, including profit making insurance companies, and there should be no benefit for providers, like Kaiser, to provide the least care possible. Moore pointed out that we don’t have profit involved in fire fighting or police departments. Health care is a similar kind of social responsibility our government owes us. Why do we hear about “socialized medicine” (as something evil), but we never hear about socialized police or socialized fire fighters?

  • Beth Stover

    I absolutely agree. I found Michael Moore’s comments very enlightening and let’s hope that the rest of the population feels so too. He had some great arguments that really made me stop and think. Since when has our very basic human right to decent healthcare become a money-making scam? We ALL have the right to affordable AND quality healthcare if for no other reason than the fact that we are human beings. Our priorities, as a country, have gotten completely out of whack and it is time to demand our necessary human right to decency by making affordable, quality healthcare accessible.

    I had heard that Kaiser Permanente themselves have a starring role in Sicko.
    Can’t wait, i’ll be beating a path to the nearest theatre on June 29th.

  • anonymous

    I heard a Kaiser radio ad yesterday about how Kaiser will teach a patient to be “heart healthy” before they get sick. Fine and dandy, but most people have to suffer their first heart attack before they change their lifestyle habits. And if you’ve already had a heart attack, or have any heart risks, do you really think that all this insurance that Kaiser is trying to sell is going to be offered to YOU? They don’t talk about cardiac rehab!

    I lived in a small town in Northern California where all the doctors seemed to have disappeared except from the local E.R. There was a big article on the front page of the local rural paper about how it’s too expensive for a small doctor practice to stay in business. My doctor, who was the like the last one left there, told me that all the other doctors migrated to work for Kaiser. Kaiser gave them an offer they couldn’t refuse. Short hours, a few hundred thousand a year, and they didn’t have to worry about managing a private practice office or administrative problems and billing.

    I understand that on the individual doctor basis, they are “just trying to survive” and they get out of school heavy in student loans and they cannot go out and live in a big luxury home right away like maybe the last generation of young doctors did. So, I do understand why a doctor would find an offer from Kaiser irresistible. However, they all seem to end up having to sacrifice the ideals that they all learned in school. Somewhere along the line, many turn into sociopaths and liars just to survive if they aren’t already narcissists from the med school process and peer pressure. Certainly the culture of lack of ethics inherent in Kaiser Permanente centers helps turn good doctors into bad people. And someone told me that the medical schools do not even make them swear by the Hippocratic Oath anymore.

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